Speciesism in art is for a big part taxidermy in art

Speciesism in art is for a big part taxidermy in art

This site writes: “Well they are dead anyway” … http://www.ravishingbeasts.com/taxidermy-artists/

But they exactly use the dead bodies of nonhuman animals, because these animals obviously have lived before. Using a dead body is a means to gain possession in a definatory way over the de facto existential part of a living being – even when it’s dead. Obviously there is a meaning to the makers and onlookers of “taxidermic art”, otherwise they could be using their own skills to sculpt their “works of art”.

Taxidermic “art” is a way to grievously¬†ridicule the fact that nonhuman animals are victimized by the majority of the human societies. This form of “art” stands on the side of the human speciesist majority, that is implicitly deeems to be the segment of society that has the most impactful position. Taxidermic “art” uses a dead individual’s body – a body which is the temple of every living being’s existence.

They rub into your face what they feel is “art”, to tell you something that I would sum up as: ‘Look what we can do, look what we do to the inhabitants of this world. We care, but in a destructive and derogatory way.’ Effectively this type of “art” is an attempt to shut the animal rights and the anti-speciesist movement up or warp them into absurdity, by using the rhetoric of contemporary art. An accepted visual rhetoric that gives them the means to silence all non-relativism and all moral standpoints.

This type of “art” is catering to the oppressive pattern that we have in our societies. All mainstream art does that today, but speciesist art marks the spearhead of ideological human destructiveness. Speciesist “art” seems to voluntarily or involuntarily make clear that the capacity of free thinking, that humans claim for themselves, is merely a hatred for the existential realities and the independence in the meaningfulness all other existence.

It’s always the same question of might.

Here is an interesting example of an artist doing what she calls “vegan taxidermy” : http://www.vegantaxidermy.com/. A nice and interesting artistic project.

I’ve been mentioning taxidermy in previous posts, many speciesist artists use dead animals. One the most famed ones being Bansky, who is falsely considered to be subversive, while in reality he simply goes along with mainstreamism, commercialism and the establishment http://www.farangis.de/blog/wurst.

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