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In Memoriam

In memoriam of Dr. Ingeborg Huld-Zetsche – her favourite artifact had been this unique vessel from Mainz, that depicts a relief and moulded onto it is a bird (raven) and a snake, as typical symbols of mithraism. The mysterious bowl/globe-like objects, that must have symbolized stars and planets, raised questions to her, like the stellar aspect of mithraism overall.

… On the passage, in reverence …

An email by our fellow neo-mithraist  John Brant

I am very sorry to hearing of the death of Dr. Ingeborg Huld-Zetsche. I have her books on the Mithräum at the Ballplatz in Mainz and her book “Archäologische Reihe Mithras in Nida-Heddernheim”. I also have several books which include articles which she wrote. She really is a great archaeologist and historian.

I hope that you are able to visit the Schwardenzer-Reichweiler mithräum. The mithräum is currently located on the very edge of the boundary between the two towns, but it is in Reichweiler, but south of the autobahn. It is less than 2 km from the exit. I think that it is the earliest mentioned mithräum in Deutschland. It was first discussed in 1558, and again in 1751 by Schöpflin  in “Alsatia illustrata celtica, romana, francia.” Apparently, the shepherds used the site as a shelter. There are several more recent Deutsch publications on this mithräum. The annual Jahrbuch for Kusel has several articles  published in the 1960s and 1970s. I accessed these articles on the internet.

Recently, Franz Cumont’s “Textes et Monuments Figures Relatifs Aux Mysteres de Mithra Pub Avec Une Introduction Critique” Vol 2 has been reprinted by HardPress Publishing 8345 NW 66th St #2561 Miami FL 33166-2626. I was able to obtain a copy for $12 + postage. The normal cost of the book is $35. The book is in French, but is heavily illustrated. It is an excellent publication, especially if you read French (which I don’t).  Hard’s email address is info@hardpress.net. Hard’s web adddress is http://www.hardpress.net. You might check Amazon.de if you are interested.

I have recently become very interested in the soul journey of Mithraic initiates. There are lots of articles on this subject, especially in Deutsch.


A decade ago, Dr. Ruck and Dr. Staples published an article entitled “The Brotherhood of the Warriors of Mithras” in the New England Classical Journal Vol 31.3 (August 2004) pp. 225-262. If I remember correctly, I purchased this issue of the Journal for $4.00 + postage. Dr.Ruth Breindel was the contact person. Her e-mail address was rbreindel@yahoo.com.  There is a lengthy discussion of the communion meal based on the reverse side of the Heddernheim tauroctony. The authors discuss both the bread and wine  (soma or homa) served at the meal from pp. 253 – 256, Again there is discussion of mushrooms and the raven perched on the fungus cap.

Dr. Ruck was co-authorof another book that discusses entheogens in more detail. R. Gordon Wasson was lead author. The book was titled : Persephone’s Quest Entheogens and the Origins of Religion, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1986. Dr. Ruck and Staples also pulished an article in a journal called Entheogens. Unfortunately, I have only seen the footnotes to their article in this journal online. I will try to find it and send the website address to you.

LINK: http://csp.org/chrestomathy/apples_apollo.html

Dr. Blaise Daniel Staples obituary, http://archive.today/upZjd

Here is the reference site where you can listen to the lecture of Drs. Ruck and Staples as I recall there were references to Mithras and soma in their lecture. However, the major part of the lecture is devoted to visionary (drug created) sacraments’ in medieval art. I listened to this seven or eight years ago and don’t remember too much.

LINK: http://www.pot.tv/video/2004/02/09/Entheogenesis-Conference-Prof-Carl-Ruck-and-Prof-Blaise-Staples-2nd-Lecture

Here is a review of  a book by Dr. Ruck called Mushroom Myth & Mithras. This may be the must useful source. (I can provide you with the articles if you have trouble finding them in Deutschland.)

LINK: http://erocx1.blogspot.com/2011/09/carl-ruck-mushrooms-myth-mithras.html

Soma among the Armenians, Ethnobotany, Anthropology, Armenian Mythology, Vahagn, Mithra, Mushrooms, Amanita, Iranian Mythology …

This article is about Soma among the Armenians.

LINK: http://rbedrosian.com/soma.htm

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