Animalistic Issue

Vive la Biophilia — They can by no means negate the dignity of life!!

Arts and Necrophilia:

CATERINA PURDY MOHN, exhibited a (amongst others) by the Transition Gallery, East London and StuArt Gallery, Siantiago Chile, accordning to Saatchi and Saatchi

Purdy Rocks (her techono type of music)

It’s pretty easy to impress anybody or maybe especially the mainstream arts scene with anything super necrophile. This chilean artist is yet another successful example to prove this assumption right.

A few things seem to come together: the desire for success, the desire for getting a kick out of vanity, and the hunger for the pain/degradation/devaluation/negation … of the “other” and, not to forget, a warped and faked pseudo political correctness. Also it looks pretty much as if such artists seem to really don’t want to belong to the “weak” side of the world.

Yeah they are just soooooo powerful with their necrophilia! The abyss of the ideological death squad.