My life is your life The only thing that’s being made clear in Bansky’s http://thevillagepetstoreandcharcoalgrill.com (archived website also see https://bit.ly/banksy_sausages) is that animals are seen here as pathetic in their Erscheinung and that it seems to be thrilling to ridicule their physics and their core existential problems. It seems that the primate used in that exhibition…Continue readingWurst

Gee Vaucher on 96gillespie.com

Gee Vaucher on 96gillespie.com http://www.96gillespie.com/artists_profiles/vaucher.htm (the link doesn’t work anymore unfortunately) Here is an alternative link, but at another venue: http://www.alice-wonderland.net/bracketpress/EXHIBITIONS/liverpool.html See works of Gee Vaucher on 96gillespie. I always admired her work (since I became a huge fan of the famous Crass in 1983 I guess). Gee’s ART is so critical, political and aesthetically…Continue readingGee Vaucher on 96gillespie.com

Biologistic arts links

A questionable validity of self-dignity in arts and the arts discourse. It’s pretty logical that I can always perceive that which reflects my desires and needs as more valuable, than ‘whatever’ I don’t perveice simply because it’s out of my cognitive reach. These following links represent a small range of examples of artists, and the…Continue readingBiologistic arts links

Your life being reduced to being ai Specimen

Here is No. 1 an artist who uses slaughtered lambs to indicate something. That what she is indicating might be of a political meaning to her and to the people who agree with her on a certain viewpoint. Now why does she use a dead lamb and not something else? Because the live of the…Continue readingYour life being reduced to being ai Specimen

a key arts approach

Art recommended: Monique Fagan Smith Monique Fagan Smith, homeless New York based visual artist. I heard about her on the Bryant Park Project and recommend you the blog entry there: Post Office Steps: One Artist’s Studio  about her: http://www.npr.org/blogs/bryantpark/2008/06/post_office_steps_one_artists.html#more Two other links for Fagan Smith are also: Monique Fagan Smith at Art Pathways: http://artpathways.info/#/moniquefagansmith/4522236905 and…Continue readinga key arts approach