Ethnology is also such a rather slippery ice

Disciplines: Ethnology is also such a rather slippery ice The ethnologists move on thin ground, therefore they do not want an overall view of connections in racism. Some ethnologists would like to separate the term “race” in English completely from the German term “Rasse”. Historically. This seems problematic. Politically, it is also problematic, since one…Continue readingEthnology is also such a rather slippery ice

L. Buringen

The hardest to write about someone you don’t know, that you just heard of. Not to be indentified.Continue readingL. Buringen

Oh there are other messages in the spaces too

Off the layers of social existence Whichever angle Saju looked at it; Wolfahschie and Pixiemende said: “We both and together and with Mixmausy and more, planned an plot of ideas against you, in this quarter that we bring froth.” Saju saying: “Allies, would I have to react on this!” Saju left. And Wolfah and Pixiem…Continue readingOh there are other messages in the spaces too

Contextual faces: Couplets

Name A: I’ve dreamt a dream of other lands, of magic little elpers, these stayed around me till I went to dig a hole to doubt me. My doubt was force, I was to love, like fate could never’ve spared me, I kept me hidden yet in sight, and towered all around you. Name B:…Continue readingContextual faces: Couplets

Venerari et honorare terram

Asociaciones Venerari et honorare terram! Was passiert – mit wem – wenn die Menschen nicht aufhören, Tierkörper mit Nahrung gleichzusetzen und über Tierkörper als Ressourcen zu verfügen? Der Ausdruck ihres Selbstverständnisses? Dominium terrae? „Seid fruchtbar und mehrt euch, füllt die Erde und unterwerft sie und waltet über die Fische des Meeres, über die Vögel des…Continue readingVenerari et honorare terram