Animalistic Issue

Yet another one

Christian Siekmeier ( practices “outreach” through ), amongst so many others…

Desire of a male ideal. Speciesism often plays a crucial role in such a desired image: hunter or slayer is being adored my his object-of-love (a woman or another man).

The ideology of hunters and their sympathizers takes the inward form of a secret cult, on the outside the hunting ideology constitutes a pillar of the homocentrist society. Life at its best equals a process of hunting. You hunt as a destructive act, and you hunt for fun. You’re the ruler of those who must fear you, and you are a ruler of those who nourish upon your prey, metaphorically, ideologically and practically/physically.

The idea that “nature” can provide you with a spot for where you can lay in ambush:

Hunter or hunting-idealizing artists, a whole batch of extreme speciesists named together in their pro-hunt + arts context

Now I should contrast this section of the big speciesist fraction of the contemporary arts world with the relevant grassroots political side of life (And I assume that the ‘grassroots political side of life’ expresses something more impactsome to the human ethical development than speciesist anthropocentrist/homocentrist destructivity).

Check out some of the iconography of the HuntSabs: