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The Erinyes

A study in arts about the Greek Goddesses of revenge


ERINYES, in Greek mythology, the name given to the deities of vengeance; probably personified curses, but possibly in their origin ghosts of the murdered; in Roman literature they are called Furies. According to Hesiod they were the daughters of the Earth (Gaea), and sprang from the blood of her mutilated spouse Uranus; in Aeschylus they are the daughters of Night, in Sophocles of Darkness and of Earth ... more on this


In their tragedies Aeschylus and Euripides tell us about the Greek world of Gods of the mystical darkness. Gods from the Olympic hierarchy are described to us in their different functions. As warning and preserving in order to maintain the cosmic order, the Erinyes or Furies ( - as they are called later in Roman literature) are named. Any sacrilege against this natural order would be cruelly pursued by the Erinyes, and especially the incidence of someone killing his/her mother was abominated by these Avenger-Goddesses ... more on this

New Questions

Perspectives on the 'natural condition'


' ... Ah! if a Providence doth sway this all
Why should best minds groan under most distress?
Or why should pride humility make thrall,
And injuries the innocent oppress?

Heavens! hinder, stop this fate; or grant a time
When good may have, as well as bad, their prime!'

... more on this