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From a different angle:
Plants and their environmental acumen

Plants are inalienable as integrate phenomena within the natural world. They cannot be separated from their natural meaning without the risk of breaking an enviro-ethical anchorpoint.

The plant-world remains being "nature", even where it is used to serve a human desire to fit it into and underlie it humancentric aesthetics. And also it remains being "nature" there, where it is being made part of the production process, where human reduce their sphere to a "means to an end".

In a typical humancentric viewpoint "nature" becomes secondary in meaning to an abstract ideal of "the human" and "human progress" in general, with the category of "the human" ideally standing as detached from an indefinite and incalculable universe. The indefiniteness of the universe could blur the self-evident clearness of the foundations on which a top-down hierarchy between humans and "the natural" is based. read more »

Tree Topping Hurts

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Featured Painting


A patchwork design by Gabriele Lück based on an acrylic painting by Farangis.

Philosophically Speaking ...

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