Labelling as naught.

individual resistance

Punk as a search for female autonomy

Punk, like any other movement at that time, has still been dominated by its male adherents, willingly or unwillingly, for the most part. Still the female side of punk had taken its own distinguished course, a course that's usually not as much mirrored in terms of "geniality" such as is often attributed to guys. Single individualized enactment of a self proclaimed autonomy from societal values were the message you would get from female punks.

Real punk can be measured by it's unpopularity with the broad public. The more the music fitted with the lowest common denominator type of taste, the lower the real punk aspect of the band was. The popularity amongst punk bands was rather driven by their political value, in anarchist terms - not by something being hyped.

Punk is a label that you stick to yourself or someone else who you think is rebellious to some extent. Far more interesting than the label "punk" though is the exact qualities of stuff that the label was or is stuck too, what exact content was or is involved, summed up under that label. A lot of the stuff that comes with the label "Punk" has a core message that is but as conservative in its basic values and ideas as any other idea. The impactful bits and pieces in Punk where and are real different from any "established norm".

Are you one of those who seeks to topple the system?

"Female autonomy" doesn't mean that just all women are the downtrodden ones who should get some autonomy for themselves. Society sticks itself together with its consensual parts, who create a contractual co-inhabitance on the costs of individual freedom and noncontractualist coexistence. Some people place themself inside and some outside.

Rubella Ballet is a cult band. When you visited London in the early eighties their vibes and creative spirit, however you can describe such a pehomenon, ruled the scene. Zillah Minx and Sid Truelove produced a movie about female punk musicians of the london punk scene, called: SHE'S A PUNK ROCKER.

Poly Styrene (†) the lead singer of X-Ray Spex released this vegan track on her last release from 2011: GENERATION INDIGO

Divisia ( theologian records - pessimiser records ) was a 90ies Californian Punk band with lead singer Alisha, who is awsome.

I (now the tech person on here) was the model and muse for Farangis works on punk during the early and mid 80ies. Here you can see me on a pic from 82.


We are vegan, into animal rights, and into feminist punk.