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(04 September) The Punk site is up in the next and can be viewed at punk.farangis.de. We plan to make this subsite grow slowly, cos we just don't get it done faster :oI . Oh and regretfully the site does have serious issues with Internet Explorer, please apologize for that.

(28 August) Not all sections are indentical, some subsites are either only in English or only in German.


  • PUNK, what's next - we decided to upload images on there in steps, so this will also be a slow progress type of project.
  • FLORAE OBSCURAE, has to be completed or at least to be partly finished yet
  • Philozoe, BESTIAE OBSCURAE, in kind of slow progress
  • these sections are gonna be completed and others are to come. We'd be happy if you'd revisit us!

What we aim at

Farangis.de is part of the intersectional vegan Animal-Earth-Human-Lib-Network: 'AR/ER/HR': @niceswine.

Obligable Arts

A search for meaning lays in the question: what is art? At all times artists will give their own or their assumed opinions about this question. Were statues of gods or was the painting of icons in civilizations where religion played a big role, the works of artists? Are exaltations of political ideas or works that criticize society: art? Or is it enough for arts to be technically gorgeous, to leave the recipient with a nice impression, or to fit into public or private rooms?

Not only in her acts of creativity, in which she is usually adapts a spectrum of media, has FARANGIS always sought for the meaning that lays in arts. Like some fellow artists she follows the traces of the past and examines features of our contemporary forms of society. She preferredly seeks to adapt the expressive modality of ancient and "other" cultures in her works.

Can people who make arts, live without any form of communication? Many seek, in an indirect or also almost hidden way, or otherwise in a real direct and open manner to show the "framework of mind" behind their works.

In many years of intensive work FARANGIS has created different series of works which partly base on the forms and stylistics of ancient arts, like in the exhibition FOR EXAMPLE MITHRAS or also the series THE ERINYES. Her works adapt as techniques: expressive, gestical painting/drawing, sculpting and installation. In her series FLORAE OBSCURAE she created an installation made up of objects that stand for hybrid beings which have part-human, part-animal characteristics. These objects seem to communicate with the subconscious or the estranged - which draws us in, attracts us but also scares us off.

Farangis continuously follows her search for meaning or the 'meaningful core' in her artistic work. It is pretty evident that, partly on purpose and partly unwillingly, she sees the obligation toward arts.

That's it

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