Potemkinsche Doerfer

Contextual faces: Couplets

Name A: I’ve dreamt a dream of other lands, of magic little elpers, these stayed around me till I went to dig a hole to doubt me. My doubt was force, I was to love, like fate could never’ve spared me, I kept me hidden yet in sight, and towered all around you.

Name B: I left my home twice: first parenthood, which held me tight, then places, places, other places, in mind and body, inward out.

I found my home, returned to ties, first sacrificed, then on arrival, I felt I like bringing out my ends.

Name C: My stratagems, like gems they shine, I smoothen them, in years to come, I’m buying with my gems, the rule for you and over us.

We foster village rule, in open common grounds, I run with them and keep them save, above my grounds in mind.

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Venerari et honorare terram


Venerari et honorare terram!

Was passiert – mit wem – wenn die Menschen nicht aufhören, Tierkörper mit Nahrung gleichzusetzen und über Tierkörper als Ressourcen zu verfügen?

Der Ausdruck ihres Selbstverständnisses?
Dominium terrae?

„Seid fruchtbar und mehrt euch, füllt die Erde und unterwerft sie und waltet über die Fische des Meeres, über die Vögel des Himmels und über alle Tiere, die auf der Erde kriechen!“ Genesis 1,28

Der Kirchenvater deutet: Werke Laktanz (250-325) De ira die, Vom Zorne Gottes (BKV), „13. Alles in der Welt dient zum Nutzen des Menschen […] Als Gott den Menschen schuf, gleichsam als Abbild Gottes und als Krone des göttlichen Schöpfungswerkes, da hauchte er ihm allein die Weisheit ein, damit er alles seiner Herrschaft und Botmäßigkeit unterwerfe und alle Annehmlichkeiten der Welt genieße.“

Tiertheologie / Tierthealogie: Trennung zwischen Objekten der Bezugnahme und subjektiver Bezugnahme

Animalistic Issue Pamphletism Pamphletismus

Missbräuchliche Theorien

Missbräuchliche Theorien spiegeln problematische Weltbilder.
Abusive theories mirror problematic worldviews.

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Animalistic Issue Thoughts

A totalliberation problem

Totalliberation has a funny logic: you cling human ‘liberation’ to animal ‘liberation’. So you compare your problem to that of nonhumans. Yet again when you compare problems of nonhumans to humans, in the specifics, then this gets vehemently dismissed as being against humanrights.

I wonder if ‘liberation’ comes in degrees depending on what someone thinks would ‘liberate’ one/the other. Physically ‘liberation’ is the most important political action. Yet in the realm of discrimination, the term ‘liberation’ has a patronizing aspect about it … .

Suppression – and in the case of nonhumans specifically extreme objectification – cannot change facts about the targeted subjects, their own integrity. In terms of discrimination exerted by humans in societies, ‘defense’ and seeking justice, is seen kind of different than only as ‘liberation’ like what seems to be offered to Nonhumans and ‘Nature’ here. This is carrying the same old double standards with it … .

To deny that people, at any time, anywhere, can exert foul play and discrimination against all and any othter subjects, is a gross self-illusion, and sounds like there were some super good humans somehwere who had the right on their side in every case at any time, etc. Not realistic / helpful. Only a superficual-still-cover-up.

Animalistic Issue Thoughts

Lebe für antibiologistischen Antispeziesismus


“Lebe für antibiologistischen Antispeziesismus”

Link zur der MP4-Datei: Lebe für antibiologistischen Antispeziesismus.