Mithras rejects to kill the Bull

For Example Mithras, Part II

Update - 21.03.2021:

'FOR EXAMPLE MITHRAS II' by Farangis G. Yegane - at the museum Schloss Fechenbach and at the Saalburgmuseum - as a PDF.


On these pages you can see the second part of Farangis' complex of works entitled FOR EXAMPLE MITHRAS. We choose a different layout for this site, since the atmosphere of the paintings do convey a different kind of 'air' in comparison to PART I, hence a different surrounding design. If you want to see PART I of the works, you can follow this link here.


Every painting is introduced to you by starting with a fragment of the painting and the descriptive text about the idea behind the motif. On the page 'overview' you can see the paintings small and complete, all together, and you can also view an enlarged version of the full view when you follow the given links for this.

Part I of Farangis' FOR EXAMPLE MITHRAS was dedicated to the Roman Mithras mystery and worked within the frame of the symbols as they are known from the archeological findings of the Roman Mithraeums. Part II also alludes and bases itself on the symbolism, but now reaching back to the Persian roots of the cult. The interpretation of the theme though now leaves the historical tracks and rushes into a distinctly own conclusion drawn by the artist.

Mithras does not kill the steer, in contrast to his habit, and in this way disobeys the rule of the destruction-for-construction of life principle. This in a new interpretation depicted Mithras, by virtue of his reason, stands in his aberration as an opposite to the rule that prevails in all big monotheistic religions.


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