Drafts for the juxtaposition of “the two bloods”

The two bloods. Drafts from the FOR EXAMPLE MITHRAS exhibit by Farangis G. Yegane at the Kreuzgang of the Karmeliterkloster in Frankfut am Main.

Drafts for the juxtaposition of “the two bloods” and the worlds separating them. They go together in the contextualization of the integrity, the wholeness of the vulnerability of life, the dignity of all living beings and the sanctity of their lives.

The blood of affliction, pain, injustice – the sacrifice, be it human or nonhuman.

And, the blood of organic growth, of nativity, of balance – the menstruative circle in females, human or nonhuman.

Suffered experience “bonds” blood. Perpetration cuts!

“Initiated”, “baptized” by force of nature !!! or by the sword of myth ?

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