Animalistic Issue

Being a swine too

Who cares about what life?

Nonhuman animal life becoming a part of yet another supposedly ethical environmental arts project.

Insa Winkler: The Acorn Pig …

Growing and growing up

Can one really underlie nohuman animal life – or (might aswell) human life – the understanding of ethics and of arts that anybody might hold on a shared common level or individually?

I don’t think so, you can’t simply decide yourself about what is ethcially ok if another being is affected in any way. Where you draw the line is up to your moral standards, but everybody will eventually draw a line somehwere where she or he feels the ethical borderline is being crossed.

A hypothetical reply to the animal protectionist friends ragarding sustainable organic animal farming must also be added in this context, because it’s not just the organic freaks who consider a change in “raising” and “slaughter methods“ an ethical improvement in animal welfare matters: not all means are ok to reach some supposedly “idealistic” end.

Think about where moral and ethical advancement environmentally lies?