a special year, wow it’s 2012

We are wishing all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. May your constructive and creative plans and ideas result in good action that will have a revolutionary impact on wherever you are … . A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!Continue readinga special year, wow it’s 2012

A happy new year 2011

We wish you a Happy New Year!!! Let’s start it with optimism and with realistically good intentions – let’s put all energy to change the huge problems we face. with a consciousness that understand how grassroots political approaches turn us into practical revolutionaries.Continue readingA happy new year 2011

Re-inaugaration of the Visual Opinions Workshop!!

I am starting to run a blog here, on which I want to talk about what I perceive in arts today. This is a humble start, and I can’t put ALL my efforts into it, but I hope I will add this or that useful contribution, because in arts today there is a huge vacuum…Continue readingRe-inaugaration of the Visual Opinions Workshop!!