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The Crown of the Creation. A thought related to that.

The foundations of the rights of all life, don’t lie in first giving or first creating those rights. The foundations of rights are intrinsical to life (in its interconnected and in its individualized condition).

It’s necessary to develop enough will to differentialize on the theoretical and the practical plane, in order to find solutions of how to respect the dimensionality of the inherence of the rights of all life.

Palang Latif

the average gods being painted

Oviraptors, computer drawings by Farangis Yegane

a sequence of computer drawings from the series Philozoe by Farangis Yegane, 1997


They hunt birds for their eggs.)

And seek to control them in the air too.)

They domesticate them; especially the birds that don’t fly.)

Next, they hunt the deer.)

Domesticate big mammals.)


the average gods being painted

Farangis paints the Spanish Dog

Spanish Dogs, other Dogs and other Animals, by Farangis Yegane

A Spanish Dog by Farangis Yegane, 1994

A. Dogs:

B. My dog is not a hombre

C. Observant