A totalliberation problem

Totalliberation has a funny logic: you cling human ‘liberation’ to animal ‘liberation’. So you compare your problem to that of nonhumans. Yet again when you compare problems of nonhumans to humans, in the specifics, then this gets vehemently dismissed as being against humanrights. I wonder if ‘liberation’ comes in degrees depending on what someone thinks…Continue readingA totalliberation problem

Lebe für antibiologistischen Antispeziesismus

Klangstück “Lebe für antibiologistischen Antispeziesismus” Link zur der MP4-Datei: Lebe für antibiologistischen Antispeziesismus.Continue readingLebe für antibiologistischen Antispeziesismus

what they know

They don’t say what they know, cos they don’t know what they do. Carnivore humans by Farangis YeganeContinue readingwhat they know