Potemkinsche Doerfer

L. Buringen

The hardest to write about someone you don’t know, that you just heard of. Not to be indentified.

Potemkinsche Doerfer

Oh there are other messages in the spaces too

Off the layers of social existence

Whichever angle Saju looked at it; Wolfahschie and Pixiemende said: “We both and together and with Mixmausy and more, planned an plot of ideas against you, in this quarter that we bring froth.” Saju saying: “Allies, would I have to react on this!” Saju left. And Wolfah and Pixiem worked on the moulding of the facts the knew how to properly synergize with.

In the layers of inward observance

Typical human standards are so representative of the anthropocene. With them you are stuck in the notions that lead, that keeps and that hold everything in it.

The anthropocene isn’t a positive description for the kind of human induced effects it describes.

To the layer of social enactment

Ihr meint mit Eurer Kritik an kollektivem Systemhandeln k├Ânnt ihr unsere Systeme einfach umgehen?

Potemkinsche Doerfer

Contextual faces: Couplets

Name A: I’ve dreamt a dream of other lands, of magic little elpers, these stayed around me till I went to dig a hole to doubt me. My doubt was force, I was to love, like fate could never’ve spared me, I kept me hidden yet in sight, and towered all around you.

Name B: I left my home twice: first parenthood, which held me tight, then places, places, other places, in mind and body, inward out.

I found my home, returned to ties, first sacrificed, then on arrival, I felt I like bringing out my ends.

Name C: My stratagems, like gems they shine, I smoothen them, in years to come, I’m buying with my gems, the rule for you and over us.

We foster village rule, in open common grounds, I run with them and keep them save, above my grounds in mind.