Animalistic Issue

Does being a speciesist make someone special?

Does being a speciesist make someone REAL REAL REAL REAL special?

And artists do usually want to be very special to stick out, to make themselves a name, create themselves fame, etc. No actually no, being a speciesist doesn’t make you special in the arts scene unfortunately, but still in particular young artist women who seem to mistake mainstreamism as subversiveness as long as it involves degrading nonhumans, seem to get enthralled by turning arts into their own little speciesist necrophile playground.

Taxidermy can’t be understood as something morally clean ( ). Some also known as Katinka Simonse belongs into the vast array of conquistadoritas who seem to want to have invented the wheel of speciesism new – practically, theoretically she is most likely not even aware of this -ism (or even any other connected -isms). Ms Simonse is yet another one of her kind. You can compare her attempt of mixing aesthetics with destructiveness with the other artists whose names I listed on this blog and you will find out she is not really as special and she might try to be.

What all these arts interested speciesists do is pretty much self-explanatory as much as self-circlingly allo-destructive. (The list will however have to be added to.)