Animalistic Issue

Selling nonhuman animal life

Why it sells?

Troutsite is a site by an artist who successfully convinces his viewers that he is actually appreciating and probably even “scientifically respecting” nonhuman animals. See artist at:

Alongside his naturalistic artistic praise of Linnaeus’s taxonomic system (the man who came up with the category “Homo sapiens” …) the artist sells the viewer something “real”: namely dead animals. The artist sells death, in other words – a taxonomic necessity, and necrophilia sells cos it’s being bought.

Linnaeus’s idea of a “homo sapiens” is not just what falls under the term speciesist, it is also racist (Scientific Racism), see for example this interesting article:

‘Scientific Racism’ in Enlightened Europe: Linnaeus, Darwin, and Galton by Shah Aashna Hossain

“…Before Linnaeus proposed the ideas mentioned above […], ‘race’ had been used to distinguish between different nationalities. But after he proposed the system above, Europeans began to identify themselves with a larger group: ‘white” people.'”