Re-inaugaration of the Visual Opinions Workshop!!

I am starting to run a blog here, on which I want to talk about what I perceive in arts today. This is a humble start, and I can’t put ALL my efforts into it, but I hope I will add this or that useful contribution, because in arts today there is a huge vacuum as to what regards “meaningful content”.

What I mean by “meaningful content” is that I believe arts should not be an aesthetical post-cartesianism which nevertheless STILL endorses a “cogito ergo sum” and divulges itself in a complex subjectivity.

To my view it is important that art relates to the “other phenomena” in this way:

=> A has a real (and in that way an expressedly objective) relation to B, where B is not simply “that what is seen” in the eyes of A.

=> B is real.

Arts currently seems to keep insisting on a message that equals:
‘What I see mainly relates to my or ai surrogate collective “subjective self”. And, my subjective self has an authority that is completely independent of the authority of “what else” exists in the universe.