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See works of Gee Vaucher on 96gillespie. I always admired her work (since I became a huge fan of the famous Crass in 1983 I guess). Gee’s ART is so critical, political and aesthetically highly expressive.

I believe her ‘Animal Rites’ works, convey something about the gap that exists in the whole human-towards-animals relation: People pull an anthropocentric “dress” over animals as much as over “nature”.

Gee Vaucher’s work as “the CRASS artist” put that what the CRASS lyrics and music expressed into a visual scheme. And one can’t really tell if it wasn’t even her arts that would give the very crucial impulses to the band. Her sleeve designs certainly left a stimulating impression on the onlooker. Vaucher’s CRASS related works created an atmosphere consisting of the same interesting fragmental pieces, that the sound collages added to the recordings. I am not sure who made these collages, maybe Vaucher too, maybe Libertine?

The sound collages together with the image-and-word-collages by Vaucher seemed to express an essence of a spirit which it still hard to grasp, and which I personally would put into a chain of associations … : London, the post WW2 Generations, an intellectualist mood that hadn’t anything to do anymore with either socialist leftism or right wing conservativism, a social system that could be told apart from that which this “system” would try to smother, society as a veil that can hide away an outer and an inner reality.

Crass, I believe, sought to set things into sharp contrast with each other. An own rebellion can become dependent only on yourself, when life becomes meaningful by stepping out of something that looks like a “home” but that in reality turns out to be an evasive scientific and philosophical miscalculation. The rebellion discovers a specific value of freedom, one has to be engaged for, fought or struggled for.

Other than that … if I let myself be carried away by thoughts

I could imagine a picture, in which the love for the inevitable combination of ‘a tame nature’ and the human desire for luxury (as a possesable paradise, dead, packed up in slices)  is critically explored. The earth as a possesable item? In equal or unequal shares, what difference would it make.