Animalistic Issue

Speciesism sells for a reason

Speciesism sells for a reason. Just an / any example:

Joanna Newsom – kinda speciesist … ppl feel SO natural with dead nonhuman animals around them + The aesthetics of a living human showing herself with dead nonhuman animal life. Speciesism sells for a reason …

What is that reason? Speciesism seems to give people a feeling of the or a human ‘principle of power’ to be superior over a principle of a animal vulnerability. If we take a closer look at what makes nonhuman animals more vulnerable, we can see that their ways of living reveals major aspects of where our own drawbacks lie.

All life is diverse. We all live either varying or fundamentally different forms of live. Sociology has put a veil over the fact how much human societies are fundamentally diverse in themselves. Nonhuman animals take and live an own position in how they are, and thus in how they are being different to us (THE OTHER). They have their own form of diversity amongst their own animal cultures.

Both humans and nonhuman animals relate their lives to their environmental contexts. And all life shapes the world.

If I, as a human, put a nature around me – aesthetically – that consists of dead animals, then I, as a human, am the only active part in this world. The animal might be “dead and beautiful”. Still I am the only active part in this world … . I consider this “aesthetical” stance to be dangerous, because it ignores the politicalness of animal existence as an active agent that is conjoined with the rest of nature.

The view that animals and nature are passive “non-agents”, is a view that has been long time established, by the rulers and intellectual elites, by most major and minor religions and cults, by the natural sciences, and by human civilizations, societies, tribes, groups and individuals.

Human might nevertheless has been established on a wrong basis.

P.S. I forgot, I think it’s my right to criticize a star (or basically anybody who is praised and “redeemed” in society) on the basis of putting somebody into question instead of accepting their ideas / arts / opinions whatever. If you find such an attitude disagreeable, and you if you think everybody has to follow the mainstream, then it is basically your concept of might that conflicts with my concept of right.