Animalistic Issue

a local journalist and her speciesist connection

Long time no speiciesism I’ve been writing about … and no, of course there isn’t any lesser speciesism in arts than as badly as we had it before too. An awkward incident took me to land at the daily poisonous dose of speciesism in art recently …

I was googling the net for the “For Example Mithras – Part Two” exhibition by Farangis Yegane which the Museum Schloss Fechenbach currently hosts, when I found an article that – and this just besides – showed a false image of a lady who was wrongly introduced on the picture as the artists Farangis Yegane: This: is not Farangis Yegane! We uploaded some photos of Farangis now to make any possibly remaining error clear … because, (yippee yeah) by now that newspaper has corrected the erroneous annotation of their photo, after our request to do so (they made the correction on the 15th of March.) Anyway, I had looked up the author of that article with the wrong person shown in our exhibition as “the artist”, and this is where speciesism threw itself into my face – at the second glimpse though. So, hence this post:

The author of the article generally writes about her local arts scene in Darmstadt it seems, and links her favorite artists on her site. There are two of the artists she links as recommendations, so to say, who really match the misfortunate image of the typical artist-speciesist. Let’s get to see what I’m talking about: … here (she deleted her personal site by now) on the site of the speciesist-friendly journalist Anja Trieschmann the visitor is introduced to:

A. the displayal of the “aesthetics” of the forced death of an animal, displayed and sought to be aestheticiced as an acts of art.


B. sexual organs and intimate body parts of nonhuman animals being displayed , and somewhere else the human body is is being bereft of its dignity and its dignity of intimacy, via a negative form of “generalization” evoked by an exhibitionist type of a behavioral act by her models who display their rectal ends (?) for the camera; both artist and the model are into some “break-a-taboo” thing with their idea it seems – a repetitive act in arts it never seems to overcome it seems. Then, more speciesism again, images of meat / sausage as arts. Not really any more spectacular than what we usually encounter, but any such spectacle that seeks attention with the degradation of life (especially by intentionally showing acts of degradation of life and it’s dignity) is what it is: a prolongment of the destruction caused by speciesism, by humancentrism and by a form of arts that feeds the destructive mainstream-machinery.

Destructivism often tends to have a self-accumulating effect, where people create their own epistemological aporias.