Animalistic Issue

Your life being reduced to being ai Specimen

Here is No. 1 an artist who uses slaughtered lambs to indicate something. That what she is indicating might be of a political meaning to her and to the people who agree with her on a certain viewpoint. Now why does she use a dead lamb and not something else? Because the live of the…


a key arts approach

Art recommended: Monique Fagan Smith Monique Fagan Smith, homeless New York based visual artist. I heard about her on the Bryant Park Project and recommend you the blog entry there: Post Office Steps: One Artist’s Studio¬† about her: Two other links for Fagan Smith are also: Monique Fagan Smith at Art Pathways: and…


Re-inaugaration of the Visual Opinions Workshop!!

I am starting to run a blog here, on which I want to talk about what I perceive in arts today. This is a humble start, and I can’t put ALL my efforts into it, but I hope I will add this or that useful contribution, because in arts today there is a huge vacuum…