Selling nonhuman animal life

Why it sells? Troutsite is a site by an artist who successfully convinces his viewers that he is actually appreciating and probably even “scientifically respecting” nonhuman animals. See artist at: Alongside his naturalistic artistic praise of Linnaeus’s taxonomic system (the man who came up with the category “Homo sapiens” …) the artist sells…Continue readingSelling nonhuman animal life


My life is your life The only thing that’s being made clear in Bansky’s (archived website also see is that animals are seen here as pathetic in their Erscheinung and that it seems to be thrilling to ridicule their physics and their core existential problems. It seems that the primate used in that exhibition…Continue readingWurst

Biologistic arts links

A questionable validity of self-dignity in arts and the arts discourse. It’s pretty logical that I can always perceive that which reflects my desires and needs as more valuable, than ‘whatever’ I don’t perveice simply because it’s out of my cognitive reach. These following links represent a small range of examples of artists, and the…Continue readingBiologistic arts links

Your life being reduced to being ai Specimen

Here is No. 1 an artist who uses slaughtered lambs to indicate something. That what she is indicating might be of a political meaning to her and to the people who agree with her on a certain viewpoint. Now why does she use a dead lamb and not something else? Because the live of the…Continue readingYour life being reduced to being ai Specimen